In this safe and supportive space with others you can share your hopes and dreams, your joys and challenges.

Phoenix Rising is a collection of workshops, local to Aberdeen, Scotland.

Phoenix Rising was born in 2015 to meet the needs of those who want to explore more of who they are in this amazing game of life! The Phoenix represents the repressed energy that can arise; when we find our authentic selves and step into our power.

My name is Katrina Clark, (known as Kat to many) and I would like to invite you to join me in these unique workshops, so you can allow space to begin or continue your journey of inner exploration.

You can heal old wounds, celebrate your life and be the unique spirit you are and become the Master of your life. Come with an open heart, a willingness to give and receive love and enjoy the support of a tribe of others who join you on this journey of self discovery.

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Phoenix Rising Workshops are for you if you would like:

Increased self awareness & confidence

To connect with your loving, sexual self, recondition your beliefs around body image and intimacy

To learn how to use your energy in the most creative way

Expansion of the heart, mind, body

To discover your potential, let go of judgements and fears that limit you

Improve your communication skills, strengthen boundaries

Deepen your relating with others; increase your potential for emotional intimacy

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The moment you accept yourself, you become beautiful.