About Me

Hi I’m Kat.

Through my own on-going personal development work, I deepen my connection to working in a way that supports individuals to be the most loving, unique and authentic person they can be, myself included. To create a life that is right for them, to express who they are and to live in love, not fear. I am committed to working with individuals in supporting them to be the most loving, unique, authentic person they can be. This is the commitment I also have with myself! Emotional freedom and self acceptance comes when we are fully present with our truth, regardless of how that manifests.

Phoenix Rising is a place for me to connect with you and share my work. I work with people, I work on myself. This life is so precious to me, such an adventure, I find it impossible not to explore who I am in this life! To do that I need to share with others, to make myself vulnerable at times, to be empowered and courageous, and most of all to be me. All the work I have done on myself takes me back to belief that all I ever need in this life it just to be me. And for that I had to let go of conditioning and old beliefs systems and so much ‘stuff’ that didn’t belong to me. It took time, it was messy, it was the most painful and the most beautiful journey I have ever taken. I am still on this path, always will be, and I would like to invite you to do the same…life begins where fear ends.

I have an advanced diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy, qualifications in Sex Therapy, I am a Reiki Master and continue to study as an Osho Therapist. My direct experience and learning comes from everyone I meet, I see my role as a guide as I walk alongside everyone who is committed to finding their truth in this life.

With love, big love,

Hi I’m Kat. I live with my husband and two children; they are my greatest teachers and my inspiration. My direct experience and learning comes from everyone I meet, I see my role as a guide as I walk alongside everyone who is committed to finding their truth in this life.

Courage is a love affair with the unknown.


What I Believe…

  • When you move into your soul and discover your authentic self, you claim your power. There is magic in discovering your own needs.

  • I believe we all possess the capacity to heal ourselves and others; when we connect to our compassionate heart. This is compassion in action.

  • I believe in love – always. It saved my life.

  • When we listen to our body, all its aches and pains, it communicates to us. It carries its own language. When we respond we heal at every level.

  • I know I don’t have all the answers – and I think that is the most beautiful thing.
  • I believe we are in control of our own destiny; it’s not the situation, or the circumstances that dictate our lives. Rather the response that we have to it that shapes our understanding.

  • I appreciate the need we all have for guidance and reassurance at times (‘Kat…I need an emergency reading!’), and to find the support and tools that nurture this.

  • I know that when you choose to work towards fulfilling your true potential that magic happens!

  • I believe in empowering and motivating my clients, every time.

  • I know that we have the capacity for our own self healing, when we are ready to truly accept ourselves, then we become beautiful.

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