Tarot FAQs

With most things in life, if you have an idea of what you want to get from a situation, then how you approach it can make all the difference.

Let me try and lay down a few things that will help you get the best from your appointment and make sure you’re reading rocks!

What happens in a reading?

A tarot reading is a very personal, insightful and enlightening experience. It is your opportunity to really look at your life, and to get really honest with what you want from yourself. It’s your opportunity to have an aerial shot of what is going on, and what you can do to be fully active in the whole event. This is your life after all, take charge of it, make it something spectacular!

You manifest your cards, they reflect your hopes, dreams, obstacles and fears. They give you the ongoing saga of all your relationships – including the one with yourself – and lay it all out for your viewing pleasure! From here, you call the shots. Take a look, move things around, keep some people in, let some go, change the scene, take it to another level. Your life, your call. Tarot can show you how. It is your ultimate life coach, your best friend and is dedicated to meeting your needs in the most honest and revealing way. We all need something or someone like this in our life.

Have a closer look at those niggles, anxieties, the uncomfortable stuff that you really don’t want to live, but keep following you around. Maybe time to get on your wings of steel, get into your heart and get rid once and for all. The ego thrives on fear, feed it some love and be free!

When working with Tarot… dig deep! Keep away from the old school, predictive, I have no control whatsoever over my life kind of stuff like ‘Will I ever find the perfect job?’

I guess that’s up to you, who exactly are you asking when you ask this question of the cards?

How about…

‘What do I need to do, to find the perfect job for me?’

Now we are talking, now we are taking some responsibility, allowing and manifesting some options that we can get going with…

Who are we asking? We are asking ourselves? We can only show up for ourselves. We can only answer our own questions, and take action to make the best possible outcome. The tarot is the beginning, write your own destiny, don’t give your power away …claim it, live it!

Find your reader, find the one you want to have walk alongside you as you take some steps towards positive change, healing, inspiration, freedom and joy! Find that person who has walked this path, the wounded healer who can shine some light on it all, who can totally resonate with the love, fear and sometimes just plain confusion and pain. Then, take a deep breath and get ready for some soul work, get ready to finally show up for yourself.

I have bought my email reading (yippee!), what do I do now?

Excellent! You and I will be hooking up very soon. Just email me your questions and I will be right back to you. Keep an eye on your ‘junk’ folders too, as unknown addresses can deliver straight there!

I have bought my phone/in person reading – what now?

Look forward to connecting with you very soon! Just email me your availability or give me a call and we can take it from there.

Can I just pay in person when I see you?

Of course you can. Just contact me to book your session instead of buying via PayPal above.

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