You are what you believe you are. You live, enjoy life & suffer according to that belief.

Barry Long 'Knowing Yourself'

Is this workshop for me?

Phoenix Rising workshops help if you feel stuck, unloved, confused, frustrated, or have a sense of ‘lack’ in your life. Each workshop is as unique as each individual in it!

This workshop is for you if you feel ‘stuck’, unloved/unloving, fearful, confused, frustrated, and have a sense of ‘lack’ in your life.

It’s for you if you simply want to explore more of who you are, if you are curious about your life, if you want to improve the relationship with yourself and with others.

This workshop is for you if you have difficulty in identifying your needs, and expressing them in a way where they can be met.

If you want to celebrate your life rather than avoid it – or fear it – this workshop is for you.

It can help you release fear, pain and anger, making way for self acceptance and love.

It will help you look at your conditioning and your values, so you can decide what works for you, as you create the life you want, as you become the person you really are.

From this space you find increased awareness and personal power, you become more conscious of what you need to be comfortable, to be free, and how to give of yourself without condition.

You simply can learn how to love again, and how love can heal every aspect of your life. It’s for you if you want to be the Master of your life!

What happens in a workshop?

Each workshop is unique as each individual in it is unique!

Therefore it will take its own energy and flow with the needs of us all. We will work in groups of up to 12 people maximum, supporting and nurturing our own process within this confidential and protected space.

We will use many therapeutic exercises and activities such as:


Awareness happens when we take risks, when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone and learn something new. A new attitude, testing some old attitudes, a new way of behaving or simply making a commitment to addressing some old resentment, judgements and feelings, can all bring awareness.

For this we need support and experience of others. We are social beings, we thrive off love and care, and we need to be nurtured, to know we are safe. A group process can give us this opportunity and we learn from each other in a variety of ways. Being consciously aware of your needs and desires, for many of us, is something we need to learn at various stages of our lives.


Our super power! Love is why we are here. Love is the living life force that keeps us all connected to each other, to the Universe and gives us the power, the energy, the thirst for life. Love is the greatest healer and the most powerful emotion and energy force you will ever experience. You are love.

Feeling, giving and receiving love can at times be difficult, we can find so many ways to avoid love, by neglecting our basic needs. This can be for complex psychological reasons, or because we have been conditioned to believe that love is not available to us, as past experience has proved that love is conditional.

For some, we have lost our way and we are in pain. The more pain, the more love is needed. Pain can mask love, keep it repressed and out of reach. Fear can stop us from loving, make us feel unlovable. There is an infinite amount of love available to us all, we just need a little direction and encouragement at times to remember that love is our birth right.


We are all responsible for ourselves, and how we experience our lives. Given this simple fact we should at least make some attempt at how to make it work for us! We are responsible for how we behave, and how we feel.

My personal opinion and my own direct experience is that we can become trapped into thinking that we can hand over responsibility to another source. Using ‘Spiritual’ pursuits to bypass our needs, in the hope that some other source will take care of us. For me, this gives our personal power away. I love working with Reiki. Dance and Meditation, and a variety of ways to increase awareness. I am also aware that too much emphasis here leaves me ungrounded and lacking in responsibility. These activities can compliment, enhance and increase awareness, but should never be in place of me feeling completely responsible and aware of how to meet my needs.

When we experience all of who we are, and accept this truth in our daily lives, we awaken, become stronger, authentic and in our truth. We become who we are, with no expectation of anyone else to rescue us. From this space we are free to enjoy who we are; our relationships are based in truth and by choice rather than dependency.

If you want to know more about what happens in a workshop, check out these testimonials.

What my clients say

Group Work

Groups create a space for healing and for sharing. In a supportive group, with a shared commitment to our own personal growth – and that of each individual, we can explore aspects of ourselves; and our lives to create positive change.

We will work in the larger group, and smaller groups with a variety of exercises and activities. This can be challenging, exciting, joyful, loving and at times feel quite scary! All this is needed; all of it is wonderful information for you to work with.

Phoenix Rising workshops in Aberdeen
Make lasting friendships at Phoenix Rising workshops for women
The activities may involve:


Using dance as a meditation, to connect with the body and be more present to what is available to us. Dance mediations are great fun, great exercise, and are a wonderful way to ground and bring us out of the mind and into our heart and soul.

Anger Work

To release anger, making room for peace and contentment, allowing the physical body to release tension and stress. Various exercises can be used to help you express your anger and your fear in a safe space.


An opportunity to ‘role play’ some of the relationships in your life, to gain deeper understanding of the role you and others play. Gain valuable insight in your relationships with others and yourself.

Sexuality and Sensitivity

Working with this delicate subject you can explore your attitude and feelings around shame and guilt, pleasure and joy. You will find that repressed sexual energy can prevent you from feeling completely engaged and creative in your life. This amazing life force energy is at the centre of who we are, and how we present to the world. Sexual energy is not just for sex! This life force energy is an expression of your Spiritual self, your soul’s purpose.


Dancing! Dancing creates a celebration of life; it opens the heart and moves energy to heal and to awaken. It connects and grounds in a joyful way!

Group Sharing

We will be sharing and supporting each other, learning from each other and exploring new ways. Enjoying friendship and sharing is essential to us all if we want to feel love, support and a sense of belonging.

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