There comes a time…

There comes a time...


There comes a time, a phase which moves through our lives, where our hearts demand we move and dance to a different rhythm.  One which connects us deeper to our inner world, our internal landscape.  In the initial stages it can be a hostile and fearful place to live, full of self doubts and uncertainty. We reach out for the familiar, the place that provides our comfort and shelter. We search for our power base and our inner guidance. They seem distant and unsure, lost to us. We cling onto a deep knowledge and wisdom that this transition will bring us back home, with more certainty, more totality, and more humanity. We trust, even when we feel all trust is gone, still we trust. We take courage when we are afraid and slowly we return home. We return home to a new dawn, with a new path to follow. We return to our hearts with more certainty, more faith and love that we thought possible. We return to our true self, victorious in the knowledge that in each new life cycle a new version of our self is needed. We rise in the glory of our capacity for love, courage and commitment to our soul’s path.

We come home to our heart. 


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