What is Tantra?

What is Tantra?

Tantra brought a deep healing to my life. It brought me back into contact with my emotional, spiritual and sensual world. It gave me an opportunity to really explore my inner world and discover more of who I am, my true self, without conditions, limiting beliefs, and old worn out patterns of behaviour. It brought an aliveness, confidence and deeper relating to myself and all my relationships.
My Tantra journey began in 2014 when I realised I was not fully living my life with any sense of freedom or joy. And I had a lot to be joyous about! A wonderful husband and children, close family & supportive loving friends, work I was passionate about and a beautiful home. Yet most of the time, I felt numb. Low in energy, exhausted, irritable, unable to really communicate or identify what I needed to be more present and content in my life.  I took myself on a journey of self discovery, an adventure that brought me to look at every aspect of my emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health. It took me to  the relationship I had with my sexuality and spirituality, this is where I found my joy, my authentic self, my aliveness and this is where I found my way home to my heart.
Behind all our fears, anxieties, depressions and negativity – behind all our playing small and feeling we are not enough, lies a deep love. This is our natural state; our real self is the most loving, blissful, trusting and joyous of beings. When we allow ourselves to be seen, to trust and to live from the heart, be live with a deep sense of well-being, a sense of belonging.
We have a life force energy, a vitality and a deep longing for freedom, trust and deep connection. When we live from this place we transform our daily lives in everyway possible. This energy weaves into our lives bringing a deep peace, calm, healthy honest relating, with a deep sense of identity and personal power.

“Find wisdom from your body and heart instead of your mind”

Working with Tantra, opens you to a deeper intimacy and relating to yourself and your relationships. Tantra brings you closer to your inner world, to explore your feelings, sexual nature, heart and soul. It’s an expansion of your heart, body and soul. In this beautiful sacred space you can let go of all that limits you; your old belief patterns, judgments and conditions. You can celebrate who you are, your true self, and bring a new expression, freedom and joy to all areas of your life.

You can choose to reclaim this vital energy to bring you back into your life, your heart, and your relationships. Bringing more conscious awareness and sensitivity to your mind, body and spirit. We need it now, more than ever to support our busy lives that demand so much of us. If you feel the call of your soul, if you want to return home, to start again, begin a journey with Tantra. It will bring you home to your heart, to the essence of who you are. It will weave through your life with the truth, the courage, and the deepest wisdom of your being.

Big love, Kat X


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